About Zee!

The Chef:

Zee was born in the old Singapore before it became the cosmopolitan city it is now. She grew up in the 60s just after independence when it was still a backwater. Zee grew up in a urban village nestled among the oldest chinese cemetery located in Bt. Timah. It’s also close to the famous Orchard Road and Newton Hawker Center.

At a tender age of 10, she learned the trade of catering and cooking from her late mother whose passion was cooking. Mother grew up during the Japanese Occupation and she never got to to to school but taught herself how to count and manage her own small food stall and taught Zee the skills of cooking.

Zee is a people person and loves entertaining families and friends. Her character, passion and talent exemplifies through the numerous events that she hosted at her humble home back in Singapore and later California. She takes full charge of the kitchen and ensures the ingredients are always freshiest and the best in quality with no preservatives.

She puts in lots of love in her pacifically home cooked meals. Every bite of her meals, will take you through a journey down to memory lane where you’ve enjoyed the meals prepared by your mothers and grandmothers if you grew up in Singapore.

Zee takes pride in her cooking and it is obvious as her meals speak to your soul. Yelp reviewers who had tasted Zee’s cooking gave her 5 Star rating which made her proud.

Reminiscence your good ole days!

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